London's Yummy Hot Chocolates: Ruby Violet

After I shared Said & The Montague hot chocolates, I thought I might as well continue on!

We were searching for cute places to go as it was a really cold winter's day in London.
It then struck in my mind that Ruby Violet was supposed to have gorgeous hot chocolates. 
We arrived at the picturesque Kings Cross and decided we needed to take a few outfit shots before we headed off to Ruby's.
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We found the most brilliant car outside the most brilliant place so we just needed to take some photos.

And then we realised we were freezing and we had better move our butts over to Ruby Violet. 
As soon as we arrived, it was mega quiet.
We were graced with baby elephants, exposed brick wall, and lovely Ruby Violet accents.

We perched ourselves on the table, closest to natural lighting (because where else will you take pictures?!)
We decided to go for the long and intense hot chocolate as we were both feeling freezing and in need of a pick me up. But boy were we not expecting this!
It came with wonderful almond brittle and there was tap water on the table (you will seriously need it!)

There was also a little heart shortbread that came along with it which was just adorable! 
It was delightfully rich, and so rich that you could certainly not have it all in one go. It was also hard to even just drink it! It felt like I was eating a bowl of melted chocolate with a hint of almond.
Oh how delicious on a cold winter's day!

After we finished our hot chocolates, we made our way to look over at the wonderful ice creams and wonder what it will be like to taste some of Ruby's Ice creams in the summer. 
We'll be back shortly and definitely recommend them!
I'm totally in the mood for a cookie ice cream sandwich! Yum.

Love you all,
Nat xx

Isaiah 46:4, "I will be your God throughout your lifetime - until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you." 

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